Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Pics!

*Bentley is lil BootiE!*

BeNtLEy's 1st SwiNGiNG AdVeNTuRE!


1 time Chris & i got to BATHE BENTLEY! 2Nd time Chris & i got to bathe BENTLEY!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Updates!

So yesterday was extremely stressful, as for today..yesterday, Chris went to work as usual and i got up and ate breakfast with him as usual i called the social worker as i do on the days i am suppose to...then i called the transportation place, they give me crap every week I'm SO sick of them...this time they would not give me lodging or meal money because they said my receipt did not have super 8 printed at the top of it...ridiculous if you ask me...sooo I'm freaking out about that so i decide the only thing that would make me feel better is...Bentley--i walk into the NICU and he is GONE..they up and decided to do a upper G.I. again without telling us anything about it...sooo we wait all day and all night practically to find out what the surgeon will answers. today i finally..took all threw to the transportation place(which might i add, they are the rudest people i have ever talked to in my LIFE!) got that stuff done got my money, went to see Bentley and the surgeon showed up...he is going to put the G-Tube in next week, which i talked about in another blog its where he will be able to somewhat feed threw the mouth then empty out of the stomach instead of bottom...the surgeon will also to the Step Procedure which is where he will go in and staple his intestines to try and make it longer...eventually, again like i said in another blog he will have to have a transplant...either in Pittsburgh or Dallas not sure yet where we will be going for that is all a Hurry and Wait process. It sucks. I'm trying to stay positive but its very hard. I love you all and Please Please continue to Pray for our family. Thank you! Love Danielle, Chris& Bentley

Sunday, September 9, 2007

7lbs. 1oz.

Didn't really have much new news to tell you guys...except he is now 7lbs 1oz. WaY 2 Go BeNtLeY! He is getting soo big can't believe it my mom and dad bought a cd player with music and he just looks around trying to figure out who is talking or singing its soo cute...he is getting so much more active now..he can not stand being put back in his crib when its time for me to leave...he always wants to be held...soo spoiled! Haha..ill let you guys know more when i know some more ya

p.s. everyone thinks he looks like me...but i think he looks like chris when he was a baby!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Hey everyone sorry for not updating as much as i should i was hoping to update everyday...but its kinda hard when your always on the go..Anyways new updates, Bentley is now 6lbs. 14oz. growing like crazy. We had our family meeting Sunday so both Chris' family and mine is on the same track. We have a long road ahead of us.. we will be in grapevine for at least another month possibly longer, Chris got a job at the hospital its not the CNA job we were hoping for but it takes about 2months to get on..Our next step for Bentley will be called the Step Procedure where they take the smaller intestines and staple it to make it longer..also the G' button, where he will be fed small doses of food, but it will empty out threw the stomach. Eventually, he will hopefully be able to come home on TPN of course until he has the of right now he will more than likely need a bowel transplant and possibly a liver transplants will be done until he is at least 20lbs, and is eligible to even qualify to be put on a list..once you're on a list, its just a waiting process for a donor. We just pray and ask everyone to pray that God will perform a miracle and Bentley will be healed and be able to come home asap..Chris and I are extremely homesick and miss everyone dearly..Thank you all for your support, love and prayers! Please continue to pray!
ALL Our Love,
God Bless,
Danielle, Chris, & Bentley

Thursday, August 30, 2007

One More DAY untiL BeNTLeY BoY is 1Month! AH!

WoW! I caN't Believe how fast time is flying...Bentley will be a MONTH old tomorrow! 2day we had both good and not so good news...good news was Bentley was taken OFF the suction tub that he had for the bile fluid that was coming from his tummy..thats a good sign...he also weighs 6lbs. 8oz. today..the not so good news was Bentley threw up a couple times the bile. He also looked a little pale and didn't smile as much he could possibly be getting a little cold.So keep praying everyone! We love you all and miss you very much!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bath Time!

So we gave our lil booger a bath tonight..gaw he is sooo cute..and YES this is an old pic but all our new ones have not yet been put on a cd..tomorrow hopefully we will have new updated bath pictures for ya'll to enjoy.
We had this pic->
in Bentley's crib but somehow everytime Chris and I would come to see Bentley one of his little toys would be covering it up..we would always wonder why and uncover the pic..until one day when one of the nurses told us they cover the picture all the time because they didn't like it...we laughed forever..cuz thats the first time we met and thats just who we are...but we took it down for the nurses and took a cute smiling pic of the three of US!

Bentley still weighs 6lbs. 5oz. today.

Wed. August 29, 2007 Bentley Update

Dear Family & Friends,

We want to first off thank all of you for your many many prayers! We love ya'll all very much, please continue to keep up the prayers. Bentley is doing good he is getting so big and growing so fast. He is now 6lbs. 5oz.! He now has his own little crib and mobile its so cute he is starting to make even cuter expressions and faces. All the nurses just say he is the sweetest cutest little baby and that he has a face of an angel. He is a very happy baby hardly ever cries unless he has a WeT diaper or hes getting a bath...He does enjoy getting his head rubbed and hair washed though. Continue to pray that Bentley will soon be able to eat..we want him off TPN as soon as possible! As for today no new news except Chris and I will be giving Bentley a Bath tonight..cant wait! Thank You aLL very much for everything, we love you all very very much!

God BLess,
Danielle, Chris & Bentley